Tuesday, March 17, 2009

hairdryer microwave

it's hard to believe, but even in a super classy country like america some people don't even have microwaves.

these devices are very sexy with their accelerated warming features and prosaic beep to notify you when your food has finished. but what most people don't realize is that besides the initial investment, microwaves can take a huge financial toll. they not only require the occasional cleaning AND can cost up to tens of dollars PER year.
here is the breakdown

$35 = microwave
$0.75 = water usage for bi-annual cleaning
$22.37 = electricity used per year
$56.12 = REAL cost of having microwave

as an alternative we suggest the following for our fellow poor people.
the hair dryer is a highly versatile tool, which not only has beautification properties, but culinary as well. we highly suggest using it at your max power setting and holding it no less than .83" away from cold food products.
if you are really poor setting your food out on the windowsill on a really hot day (over 85 degrees is recommended) will also work. (note we do not advise this for seafood or raw meats, but then again if you are really poor you are probably just warming leftover mac and cheese).

below listed are tips4poorpeople TOP hairdryer picks for 2009:
1. fad fusion
2. ebay
3. lil bird


  1. Ha ha!

    Natalie @ http://www.availclinical.com/clinical-trials

  2. Bring this blog back! Tips4poorpeople had some really awesome advice. As a poor person I've utilized many of these tips myself! It's ridiculous how much some people take for granted!