Monday, March 16, 2009

plan b? how about plan d.

even poor people gotta have their sexy time!

so it's happened to every poor lady, you go to some dank poor person bar in the east village (most likely this is cheap shots) and meet the man of your 11th beer dreams. of course being the cautious and thrifty person that you are, you probably picked up one of nyc's free condoms in anticipation of the night's (*very) sloppily executed sexual activities.

(dramatic re inaction)

unfortunately for you, statistics have repeatedly (over and over again) proven that the effectiveness of nyc condoms has a direct and reverse relation to cost.


what's a poor sexy lady to do? well, since you're also a smart poor sexy lady you would have known to save that half used pack of birth control pills from last year. since plan b is simply a super dose of estrogen, downing those 4 unused pills can save you an expensive visit to planned parenthood (since you probably don't have real health insurance).

please note it is highly recommended that you not use the placebo pills in this situation. as the real placebo effect will not supplant a real baby.

disclaimer: not being real doctors and just real poor people, we claim no medical or legal legitimacy to this besides having heard it from a friend of a friend, who heard it from someone. please consult your nearest medical advisor (doctor) or if not able to afford one, you can read this article from columbia (the school) which we googled ourselves.

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  1. hahahaha this is hysterical!! i'm glad i found you guys