Monday, March 16, 2009

shampoo, a jack of all trades

Every day, hundreds of people clean things with soap.  Typically, one will use a different kind of soap depending on the particular task.  Washing the dishes, washing one's hair, one's hands, one's clothes, one's face, one's body; all these things typically require a specialized kind of soap, totaling literally hundreds and hundreds of dollars a year.  

What if there was one kind of soap that could eradicate the use of all those other, fancy specialized soaps?  There certainly is that thing.

Use bulk shampoo in any cleaning situation.  While notably rough on sensitive face skin and known to leave a film on clean dishes as well as one's body after bathing, Shampoo is an excellent alternative to more expensive, specialty soaps.  Mix with water for different consistencies, a 1 to 3 ratio is recommended for both a hand soap situation and a dish soap alternative. 

Reccomended Shampoos for 2009

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